Selfcare Tips to a Happier You

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Selfcare is essential habits or lifestyle changes that you do to make yourself a healthier, happier person. While showering, eating and sleeping are all aspects of it, selfcare is so much more than that. It covers not just the physical needs, but the emotional and mental wellness of a person as well.

Benefits of Selfcare

Remembering to practice good selfcare will not only benefit you as a person but also your relationship with others. Research suggests adopting routine selfcare makes us more confident, better decision-makers, and communicate more effectively. So why not for once let yourself be the center of your attention! Selfcare doesn’t have to be daunting or extravagant. It should be simple and enjoyable. In the long run, learning to put yourself first can leave a big impact and a more relaxed you. Below some selfcare tips to incorporate in your daily routine:

Easy Selfcare Tips

  • Learn to say NO! Your friends want to go out Friday night and all you want to do is stay in and spend some quiet time. So then just say so. Learn to turn down and say no when you don’t want to do something. You’re not obligated to go with the flow and do what everyone wants to do. Instead, do what you want to do and don’t be a ‘Yes Boss’ person to every single request.
  • Get active. And it doesn’t have to be just exercise or hitting the gym. Regular physical activity can be anything from organizing the house to walking the dog. What matters is you make time for it and enjoy doing it. There are many health benefits associated with being physically active. Not only does it help with stronger mental and physical growth but a more resilient you.

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  • Take some time off every day to just be by yourself. Parenting, work stress, and the humdrum of daily life can be overwhelming at times. And a simple remedy to that is simply to step out and take a breather. Find a Zen corner in your home or a Zen moment in your daily activity to refocus and rejuvenate.
  • Pamper yourself. Just because it’s WFH, doesn’t mean we have to be sloppy and stay in our PJs the whole day. Getting a haircut, going for that facial, and getting a massage are all part of the package you deserve. Don’t short-sell yourself just because you think there isn’t a need for it. The need is more than ever because it serves as a time to take a break and treat yourself.
  • Have your cake and eat it too. Whilst it’s always good to have a balanced diet, don’t be too quick to strike off that sweet indulgence and sinful decadence. Some of us are just born to eat or born with a sweet tooth, so don’t be pressured to change that. Just know that it is ok to treat yourself but do it mindfully. A good yardstick is to have a treat day every week or fortnightly if you think you deserve it. The objective is to feel good about eating your ‘cake’ and not guilty afterward. So be true to yourself and find your balance.


Practicing selfcare may seem like an indulgence but it really is a necessity. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we expected to care for the people around us? If we are always stuck in a rut moving from one thing to another, how will we know when to stop and take a break? It may not be easy to make time for selfcare and more often than not, we resort to technology and social media to fill in the gaps. Instead, try incorporating simple selfcare tips as above. Make it a routine and look within for that comfort and peace. It may just be the recharge button you need to push to emerge a stronger and happier you.

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